Tim in Colorado 2013

Timothy P. Schilling is a Catholic, American husband and father of two. He studied English at Princeton, theology in Leuven, Belgium, and earned a doctorate in practical theology in Utrecht, the Netherlands. His writings have appeared in Commonweal, America, First Things, The Tablet, Image, Communio and other publications. He lives and works in the Netherlands.

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  1. Timothy:

    Good evening. My name is Brian J. Murphy. I am one of Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy’s nephews and live in Chicago. You wrote a wonderful piece on my uncle in 1997 titled “An Archbishop for the People.” It was such a moving piece.

    I have worked with the staff at Archbishop Murphy HIgh School in Everett, WA for the last two years to develop a microsite dedicated to my uncle’s life and ministry. So, on what would have been my uncle’s 82nd birthday, we opened the doors to the Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Virtual Library.

    Click on the following link to go to the main page of the Virtual Library:

    I hope you enjoy visiting the various parts of the virtual library. Please contact me with any questions you may have.


    Brian J. Murphy

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