On seeing, without the aid of John or Lear

I uncoupled the two eye-beams

and sent them in search of what

I did not know. This proved to be

where people have their lunch,

corners with not a lot,

and rafter bats.

PIN codes were not my concern,

nor were people in

various states of undress.

I’d liked to have seen, however,

the insides of the latter,

or rather,

the insides of their insides.

But alas! My beams are bogus beams

whose insights couldn’t be flatter.

Pine Box

First the incense,

then the Pie Jesu.

“His life was a bell,”

the deacon said,

“and the Spirit the clapper.”

(We passed her, pulling the rope.

You rang as we gathered round.)

The sun shone, and in it

I saw your Annie,

hardened but serene

from the long, depleting dying.

And the pine box – yes,

what  better wood

to leave the world?


Chris Coppens, R.I.P.