Sex is an inverse mountain (when it’s sex you shouldn’t have)

Sex is an inverse mountain,

when it’s sex you shouldn’t have –

you coast gleefully, carefree to the top –

a bicycle ride down to the highest,

perfect view –

and Oh what a view! but then

(Oh what a view) you’re not

atop it but under it –

that was not the climb, this is,

a getting out from under and

not dying, one hopes,

from a place you should never have been.

Cracked Tree

Why again news, no more news

of divorce. I hadn’t heard of these two,

hadn’t dreamed they’d divorce.


A tree sways in the wind, but doesn’t

do as trees normally do, it cracks

like a painting

into pieces.


Why was there no woman of tears

and soft hands to go to this tree,

and massage it before it died?