Dishes, a window

Yes, I know, I said we didn’t need one,

but later I was glad to pack it

with plates and bottles, and know

how hot it got. There was already enough

with a baby in the house.


Still, I was sorry to let go

the excuse to stare out at

clouds and weightless birds. And I missed

how warm my cold hands were.


Once I wasn’t speaking to someone,

two people actually, and as I washed

tears fell right into the suds.

We had no window then,

just a cupboard with cups

and a light above the sink.


Amid the vast network of tracks and trains

one puts his body in and

it matters a lot whether he

puts it in or in front of the

train. We who ride know

the difference, but he who

has stalled and rerouted us

is blank, extinguished,

a smoke without a flame

An I.V. and more

I went spiralling down into my friend’s surgery,

into the needle they stuck in his back.

Heard them say, Don’t move.

Felt the hard force of it.

Don’t move.

Went with his eyes to the lights later.


You should see him on the courts,

the balls he hits.

Or did.

In doubles you’d make sure

he was on your side.