Of weeds and wheat and smoke and fire

The Gronk has a punctured lung


the paper says

and you can still see the hit

the one-two

and still feel how

you were glad for it

after what he did to us

two years ago

catching that pass.

What Christ thinks of football I don’t want to know,

but I can see his eye

and hear his breath,

and I’d best be off

before I think some more.

Last day

She held him, not trusting him to find the chair.

“We’re family,” she said. “Like family.

You don’t remember?”

He shook his head.

“You’ve come to our house for thirty years.”

He shrugged sorry.

“I have to go with him.”

He knew him, but not his name.

And later, after the coffee, he went.

For when he was young he could go where he liked.

But now was time for where he’d rather not go.


R.I.P. Fr. Piet van der Pol S.S.S. (D. 19 February 2017).