The delicate language of sports

The action occasions silence and

periodic utterance, your analysis topping

that of the experts.

As always there is theory to consider,

one’s own team

and injury,

Saturday’s opponent,

the coach’s strategy…

All of this really is

about this,

though hearts step up to speak it.


For Kevin Cooley

And for Pieter

Lines of communication

Once in Germany a Spanish man

asked this American

how to use the phone.

Now I’ve studied Spanish

in my day,

but the year of the day was long before,

in ’84,

and now I live in Holland.

In Holland they speak Dutch.

That means not much to a Spaniard,

but sadly Dutch

words were the only words

I could think of to help the Spaniard.

I had thought at Pentecost

God had set it aright,

but clearly we’re still lacking light

when an American in Germany

speaks Dutch to a Spaniard!