There are forgotten reasons why

There are forgotten reasons why

you didn’t do what you didn’t do,

but now you’ve only what still

never existed – Technicolor scenes

and whiskey ads, gunboats in Esquire,

the Senator before his subcommittee,

the microphone, people clinging

to his every word.

From where you watch he’s far away,

mute lips on a screen as sunlight

climbs the outer wall. Soon there’ll be

nothing left to catch it. It will unravel

in cold dark corners of space.

Ode to Willy Loman

Oh, we’ll fix the car and the shower –

the car that lurches, the shower that leaks –

and clean up the piles

of crap we don’t need.

And I’ll remember my wallet

before I bike to the station,

and my hat won’t be lost

for the twenty-third time.

But and yet still

thy will

won’t be in any of it

(or will) as trains pass

and doors close

and faces watch

the city aglow.

Poster with clouds

Cirrus, stratus,

stratocumulus –

these free shapers of sky and our thoughts

have landed to serve as an internal forum

for student affairs.

Knowing the secrets,

and having weighed the arguments,

they speak their mind and send the young,

chastened but buoyed,

on their way