There are forgotten reasons why

There are forgotten reasons why

you didn’t do what you didn’t do,

but now you’ve only what still

never existed – Technicolor scenes

and whiskey ads, gunboats in Esquire,

the Senator before his subcommittee,

the microphone, people clinging

to his every word.

From where you watch he’s far away,

mute lips on a screen as sunlight

climbs the outer wall. Soon there’ll be

nothing left to catch it. It will unravel

in cold dark corners of space.

A member of parliament proposed

A member of parliament proposed

that when we’re ready, when we’re ripe,

we might have another do us in.

All we’ll need is a




death wish.”

Serving us will be the

“end-of-life facilitator,”

a fully-equipped and professionally-trained

practitioner of the art of the new humane.

We’ll have to be 75, of course,

and there’ll be meetings involved –

bureaucracy will have its day –

but wish we may and dream we might:

the government will give us night!