3 thoughts on “Burning but not consumed

  1. Love burning bush references. Did you know they call Mary the Burning Bush…some nice icons of that. I’m not sure I like the reason, though, as I fear it’s because of the belief that she gave birth without any damage to her body. I’m not sure I like that from an Incarnational point of view. Maybe your friend Jim Forrest can shed some light on this.

    • I haven’t come upon any interpretations of the icon that refer to her giving birth without any damage to her body, though one finds, both in Catholic and Orthodox writings, authors who argue that the birth of Jesus was, for Mary, painless. Doing some poking about this morning, I find this comment about the icon from St. Gregory of Nyssa: “From the image of the burning bush seen by Moses, we learn the Mystery of the Virgin: the Light of Divinity, which through birth shone from her into human life, did not wither the flower of her virginity, just as the burning bush was not consumed.” Here is one example of the icon: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimforest/48972487783 .

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